Thursday, January 23, 2014

All Aboard!

Originally, I was going to write about the Striperfest, an event that provides art and crafts to educate people about the local fish. However, the activities for this event was for families with young children.

Luckily, the Striperfest was being held right next to the Wilmington Railroad Museum. I've always loved trains especially because my great-grandfather was an engineer. Trains seem so powerful and timeless. So, with my curiosity peaked, I decided to explore the Railroad Museum.

The Railroad Museum

The Wilmington Railroad Museum explores the history of the railroads, mainly focusing on the Atlantic  Coast Line which used to run from Wilmington to other parts of the state.

Atlantic Coast Line had many routes that started from Wilmington. 

One of the many signs Hobos used to communicate with each other. This one means jail/ prison.

Another Hobo sign. This one means hit the road.

A custom-decorated Conrail Locomotive.

They even hold a Guinness World Record for longest working model train.

Speaking of model trains, the museum has a whole room dedicated to them. You can even interact with the trains.

Just one angle of the room. It is so big that I couldn't fit in all on camera!

A closer look at one of the model trains.

The museum itself is free; however, for a small fee, you can explore the caboose and train that are right outside.

The train is so much fun to explore.

The train's engine. There is a cord that you can pull that simulates the sound of a train in motion.

The caboose. Cabooses no longer exit on most trains. On the caboose, you can press a button to create sound effects.

The caboose was the office for the flagmen and conductors. This caboose can be booked for birthday parties.

Whistle Posts: They are placed several hundred feet before a grade crossing so that an engineer will start blowing the train whistle. The stripes here tell the train to blow two long blasts, a short blast, and another long blast.

Although my original plans didn't work out, I'm really glad I stopped by the Railroad museum. It was amazing to learn so much about trains. I felt like a kid again exploring the museum. 

Speaking of which, I found a saying in the museum that seemed to sum up my experience perfectly:

~A.E. Keener

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Once again, another year is over. 2013 had its up and downs, but it was still a great year. Besides the adventures I wrote about, I also graduated.

Chapman University's Dodge Film School at night.
I tried new foods.

A Kringle from the Solvang Bakery in Solvang, California.

Pumpkin Gnocchi from Paul's Fine Italian Dining in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Pumpkin Ravioli from the Bonefish Grill.

Sweet Potato Cake from Tabor City's Sweet Potato Festival.

I explored new places.
Universal Studios' Backlot Tour

Santa Monica Pier

La Purisima Mission

Solvang, California.

And even made a few new friends.

A friendly Cheetah at the San Diego Safari Park.

An Okapi from San Diego Safari Park who loves Hibiscus Flowers.

These Red River Hogs from San Diego Safari Park are adorable!

Also, my blog turned a year old! 2013 was a good year. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have a great day and that you achieve your New Year resolutions.

Can one of your New Year's resolutions be to stop dressing me up?

~A.E. Keener

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